MUB Solid Waste (Garbage) Billing Questions and Answers Sheet

Was the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and Ordinances approved and if so, when will MUB billing begin?

Yes. The MOA can be found here and the Ordinance can be found here.

  • On March 19, 2018 , MUB’s Board of Directors approved a MOA with the City of Morgantown for MUB’s management of customer accounts related to solid waste (garbage) billing service on behalf of the City
  • On March 20, 2018, Morgantown City Council approved the MOA
  • On April 3, 2018, Morgantown City Council passed the first reading or an ordinance amending city code for providing solid waste collection. The second reading of the ordinance passed by unanimous vote on April 17, 2018.
  • MUB will begin providing management of customer accounts related to garbage billing service May 1, 2018.

What are the roles and responsibilities in the agreement?

Specifically, the Memorandum of Agreement states that…

  • The City is responsible for addressing service quality issues, developing policies, setting rates and determining billing frequency and managing all regulatory matters.
  • MUB is responsible for residential customer billing for solid waste services within Morgantown city limits. MUB will collect solid waste service funds and remit those funds to the City of Morgantown every 30-days, less an agreed upon fee for providing such service. (The annual fee for MUB to provide these services is $70,000. This fee is the designated cost of MUB’s billing and collection services. MUB will track these costs and report them to the City each year, along with any proposed adjustment to the fee.)
  • While MUB’s role in this process is to provide billing services, MUB will field customer calls, emails, etc. related to solid waste (garbage) services. However, MUB will not directly address such matters. All customer input will be collected and entered into the City’s Citizen Request Tracker (see below for Web address) to be addressed by Republic Services.
  • MUB will field and directly address billing issues.
  • MUB will manage customer records for accounts identified as residential. The City’s solid waste contractor will manage all commercial accounts.
    • Residential solid waste (garbage) customers will be identified as MUB water customers connected to the water system by a 5/8” water meter unless already billed commercial. Others will be listed as commercial accounts and thus managed by the City’s solid waste contractor.
    • Multi-unit properties with one meter are classified as commercial accounts and thus managed by the City’s solid waste contractor.
    • EXCEPTION to the above rules: Units within a multi-unit property that are individually connected to the water system by a 5/8” water meter will be presumed a residential solid waste account and billed accordingly.
    • The City will establish a protocol for reclassifying solid waste accounts from/to commercial or residential. Such reclassification will include input of MUB and the City’s solid waste contractor when desirable. The City retains sole discretion for reclassifying accounts.

How will this impact MUB’s water, stormwater and wastewater service?

There will be no change in how these services are administered. They will remain separate and entirely under MUB management and governance. MUB is prohibited by law from using utility revenues to fund solid waste related services.

How much will solid waste (garbage) service cost?

As stated above, solid waste (garbage) services will be billed every other month in accordance with MUB’s current billing schedule. For residential customers billed by MUB, the solid waste fees established by the City of Morgantown include…

The Fuel Surcharge of 4.91% is set by the West Virginia Public Service Commission and is reevaluated every six months. It is applied only to the Refuse & Recycling and E-Waste fees.

How will billing work?

  • MUB will bill for solid waste (garbage) services on the same cycle as water, storm and sewer services, which is every other month.
  • A primary difference in billing is that where Republic Services billed in advance of providing service, MUB bills in arrears.
  • MUB’s first bill for solid waste (garbage) services will be prorated. For example, if you receive a MUB bill in May, your solid waste services fee will be prorated according to the amount of solid waste services covered within that timeframe. This means that the second bill you receive from MUB for solid waste services will likely be higher than the initial bill.
  • Republic Services will “cash-out” all customer accounts in April. They will deduct any amounts due from customer deposits and refund any remaining amounts directly to customers. This means that on May 1, MUB will begin all solid waste service accounts at $0 (zero) due.

Are there benefits to MUB providing billing services as compared to the City?

Yes, there a number of benefits:

  • MUB has the experience of managing tens of thousands of customer related accounts.
  • This billing arrangement will save the City- and thus residents- postage since garbage billing service will be included on MUB’s regular bill.
  • The new garbage billing cycle will be every other month rather than every three months. This helps many residents with their budgeting since they will not receive a single large due amount.
  • The billing of both MUB services and garbage billing services is more convenient to residents. Rather than receiving two separate bills you will receive one.
  • Perhaps the best news is that local residents will now be able to pay their garbage bills over the phone, online or through automatic payment using MUB’s current invoicing system. This is a tremendous convenience.
  • The City’s solid waste contractor will collect all residential accounts without managing billing and service subscriptions. MUB and the City will ensure fees for service are collected. This should ensure that all residential waste is promptly collected.

Who do I contact if I have a customer service issue in relation the solid waste services?

  • If it’s a billing issue, contact MUB at (304) 292-8443.
  • If it is a service issue related to solid waste services, you may either…
    • Submit a comment via the City’s Citizen Request Tracker here. This form is located under Neighborhood Enforcement and the form is titled Garbage Service Issues. This information will be sent directly to the City Manager’s Office and Republic Services.
    • Call Republic Services at (304) 366-8900.
    • REMEMBER: If you have a water, wastewater, or stormwater issue please contact MUB.

The MOA is available here and the solid waste ordinance can be found here.

If you have additional questions or input, you may also contact the City of Morgantown directly at (304) 284-7405.