Apr 12 2018

Work schedule April 17 to April 27

  • Main line crews will be on Tyrone Road laying 250’ of new water line near Brookhaven Road
  • Caster replacement on manholes at the intersection of Mineral Avenue and Richwood Avenue
  • Clean up on Southern Avenue up to Adaline Avenue
  • 501 Astor Avenue driveway repair
  • Standard Street road repair and sidewalk repair
  • Adaline Avenue driveway replacement
  • Harner Street road repair
  • Rose Street driveway repair
  • 63 Don Knotts Blvd parking lot repair
  • 545 Hess Street driveway and road repair
  • West Street at Jefferson Street repair valve on hydrant
  • Sunset Beach Road replace hydrant
  • Elysian Avenue (dead-end) replace culvert pipe
  • Hartford Street and Connecticut Avenue repair hydrant that won’t drain
  • Pennsylvania Avenue at Pittsburg Street replace hydrant
  • Install a flagstone ditch on Kiwanis Avenue