Jun 08 2018

Work schedule June11 to June 15

Street Repair

  • Arch St and Long Alley road repair
  • 217 Green St driveway repair
  • Wilson Ave at Green St road repair
  • Hackney St near Brockway Ave road repair
  • Park St at Cobun Ave sidewalk and road repair
  • 317 Lyndhurst sidewalk repair

Camera Work

  • TV storm on Harding Ave
  • TV sanitary and storm in Sunnyside area

Main Line Construction

  •  Walnut Creek
  • Westover townhomes

Maintenance Crews

  • Hidden Point install inverts in manholes
  • 96 3rd St dig up sanitary service
  • Tee Drive Meadow Ponds new water services
  • University at Falling Run Rd replace manhole castor
  • Protzman St replace manhole castors
  • Richwood Ave at Monongahela Ave replace manhole castor
  • Dug Hill Road replace manhole castor
  • Willowdale Rd at Richland Ave replace manhole castor

Vac Crew 

  • Root Removal – Colonial Dr, Augusta Ave, Spencer Ave Outflow, Horseshoe Rd Outflow
  • Periodic Cleaning- Marion Meadows, WV Ave Outflow